ENGLISH INTO SWEDISH. Do you need to translate a website or document to SWEDISH? Now you can get very affordable English-Swedish translations made by a human, not a machine or software translation for a fraction of the standard average market price for translating between English language and Swedish language. This pair is among the more expensive translations. There are relatively few professional language translators which are native Swedes and that are fluent English speakers and writers. Average rates for a language translation company situated in Sweden usually range between 1-3 SEK per word. The world market price states approximately 0.13 US dollars per word for the language pair ENGLISH-SWEDISH. But now you have the opportunity to get manual translations into Swedish far cheaper with a very high quality! 

Swedish translator. Native Swede with swedish mother tongue. English-Swedish translations.

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Translation Service



Affordable English-Swedish translation service: Pitch Perfect English and Top Notch Swedish! –at a very attractive and competitive price!"

Translation Services



* English to Swedish

* Swedish to English

* Proofreading

* Voice-over

* Transcription

* Copywriting

* Article Writing

Grammar & Spelling Check


Price per Word



My standard price for a normal plain English or Swedish source text translation between English and Swedish is ONLY $0.10 per word!

That is 20-25% lower than the world market price and equal to the stated MINIMUM price! 

I also make music just for fun, listen:


“ Everything is perfect with translation. It was delivered on time and quality is excellent. Thank you :) ”


“ Delivered as promised. MrEurodisco (Fredrik) was very fast and delivered before deadline. The translation and proofreading was excellent. We had a good correspondence and I"ll most likely hire Fredrik to help with future tasks similar to this one. If you want further information, send me a PM and I"ll do my best to answer your questions. ”


“ Great translation from English into Swedish and HTML coding. On time delivery, will work again :) ”


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